Our Mission

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Our Mission

Is to preserve, present and promote African and African American Traditional and Contemporary fine and performing arts, with the goal of attaining an appreciation for African Traditions & Contemporary arts throughout diversified communities. To make quality arts programs available to the underserved communities.

Our Philosophy

Africa Dance is more than just a performance or form of entertainment. It is a spiritual energy, a way of life. African dance is our way of giving praise to the creator and our ancestors for the blessings given to us daily. African  dance is a spirit of healing. African is nothing without the drum. It is a spiritual healing, so deep, so emotional and rhythmic. We have laughed and cried, bringing meaning to dance and music.Dance and music are is our way of expressing and communicating to the world. We express our past and our present, and put forth our visions of the future. It is the most peaceful way to display our culture and traditions.It is that ever present and everlasting celebration of life. The purpose of culture is to communicate a higher principle. There are those life giving and life sustaining principle, which cannot be discussed or passed on by words. So through the spirit of dance and music, we create a spiritual energy that all people can understand.

We must remember that the creative force does not need us; we need it. Life is movement and dance is healing and the drum gives meaning to our souls. Our movement and rhythms should bring peace into our lives, and the spirit will live within us as long as we remember and dance and praise our "Creator" and "Ancestors" for the spirit they gave us.